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Historic Highlanders is a Scottish cultural and educational organization. Our objective is to preserve authentic Scottish heritage by researching and recreating elements of everyday life of Highland society from 1314 to 1746 (the battles of Bannockburn and Culloden respectively), and to share that information with the public through lectures and demonstrations. Click here for our <updated 2016> Schedule of Events  .


Stop by and see us at the festivals if you might be interested in joining the Historic Highlanders.  All that is needed is a love of history - OK, Scottish history specifically.  Interested conscripts always welcome at our encampment!

Some examples of how we do this are

Authentic garb: Members select a period in Scottish history, research it, and then outfit themselves accordingly. Historical accuracy in dress and accessories is adhered to as closely as possible.
Feile mor (great kilt) demo

Period skills: We research and practice various skills such as spinning, weaving, leatherworking, blacksmithing, and others that were used by period Highlanders in their daily lives. The group also participated in the construction of a Scottish "black house" in New Boston, New Hampshire.

Display Items: Historic Highlanders members possess a fine collection of period and replica Scottish weaponry. Scotland's history is a martial one, and this is nowhere more readily seen than in her unique weaponry. We also have period cooking equipment and various tools and utensils. Our members are well versed in the history of each item and gladly share their knowledge with all who have questions.

Period Culture: Members are encouraged to explore Scotland's language, music, dance, and other art forms. Research into other aspects of everyday highland life during our period such as farming methods, food preparation, dwellings, folk medicine, etc. is also encouraged.

The Ceilidh - some articles of interest

Current list of sponsors

 We need and truly value your support, and look forward to hearing from you.

Historic Highlanders is available to participate at Scottish Highland Games, Celtic festivals, and other heritage, historical, or "living history" events.

Please, Keep in mind we are based in New England, USA. 

You can e-mail us at Events@historichighlanders.com , 
or via any of the other officers' email listed below! 

During the season it may take us a while to get back to you so please bear with us!

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************** SPECIAL EVENTS **************

Culloden 2000 - Waynesville, Ohio 
Culloden 99 - Milford, NY
Culloden 98 - London, Ontario

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List of Officers

President@historichighlanders.com - aka fearless leader

Treasurer@historichighlanders.com - the keeper of the cash flow.

Events@historichighlanders.com - if you would like to schedule us to appear at your event email our Cooresponding Secretary.
Keep in mind we are a New England based group.



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